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The beauty of our world today is that knowledge is shared in real-time. We are living in a realm of interconnectivity and shared awareness. I am proud of modern civilization despite all the negative phenomena that the few last generations have been held responsible for.

I believe I am living in one of the best eras of all time. Significantly more people than before are taking part in the world, via the Internet. People from different race, gender, age and social class are contributing actively and vigorously.

We are living, experiencing and sharing. We share through various digital mediums about absolutely anything we want and the majority of people are enjoying it.

I know there have been negative implications about the extensive amount of time we spend on our phones, tabs and laptops. I agree it is a serious issue. However, it is our responsibility to control and minimize the negative effects caused by modern technology. I would like to believe we are intelligent people and are responsible for our actions and reactions. Access to this vast stream of communication is a blessing and not a curse, as long as we find a balance. People with this awareness can influence their families, children and friends.

“For a list of all the ways technology has failed to improve the quality of life, please press three.”  – Alice Kahn

Funny-Quote-I-wont-be-impressed-with-technology-until-I-can-download-foodSome are concerned that actual social interaction is subsiding. Honestly, that is not the way I see it. I focus on how much technology has given us. How communication has become so easy and fun.

I appreciate this point in existence, hope to make the best out of it, and also contribute to it in any way possible. I started this blog today to be part of this awesome dynamic ocean of knowledge and interaction.

… So I hope my contributions will be delightful and amusing to all fellow readers out there… Enjoy:)



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