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I recently started journaling again. This time over, I’m doing it with balance: Some reality checks, my goals and dreams and a sprinkle of appreciation.

But last Tuesday I only wanted to paint my journal black. I felt down and grumpy. I was demotivated and sad.

Feeling melancholy, I began to write when I remembered a question that is always asked in my positive psychology training: What’s Good?

I wrote that down… What’s Good?

I began writing down my answers and noticed that I had several really good things going on at that time, ranging from big to small. From a very positive feedback I got from a new client to a new workshop I am preparing for….

As I wrote each entry, I expanded on each factor with some detail and by the time I finished writing, I felt different.

Then I was inspired to ask myself: What Am I Hoping For?

More and more ideas started flowing. I had hopes for different things and it increased my motivation to pick myself up and do what I could right then.

By the time I finished writing, I felt very different from when I started.

I felt grateful and hopeful.

I realized that at times, I shy away from positive emotions. I find it easier to remain in a negative state which snowballs into worse states.

There is nothing wrong in acknowledging the tough times. In fact, at times it is absolutely necessary to process the uncomfortable emotions we experience and not resist them.

The point here is to not prolong our stay in the negative. It is the balance between allowing enough time for processing the upsetting events and allowing ourselves to move forward from where we are with ease.

Would love to know from you:

  • How do you make the shift when you are feeling blue?
  • What helps you move forward?
  • How do you process the tough times?
  • What kind of questions are you responding to?

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Have a goodie-full day!

“May you see sunshine where others see shadows, and opportunities where others see obstacles.” Zig Ziglar


Emiliya Zhivotovskaya (2018). CAPP Program.

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