My name is Layan Mhanna and I am a Co-Active Life Coach.

I am based in Dubai where I live with my best friend, my husband. We dream of taking care of a Golden Retriever someday!

My journey of Personal Development

I bought my first personal development book when I was 13. I learned about the impact self-talk and self-love has on our lives. Though I hoped reading that book would set me up for life, it was just the beginning.

While growing up, I struggled with pursuing my passions, making crucial decisions and dealing with anxiety, and I constantly worked really hard to feel “enough”.

I kept feeling that I needed to fix and heal myself and so I read one self-help book after the other . It was only through coaching I realized that I need to STOP fixing myself because I am not “Broken”; this is the stand I take today towards my loved ones, my clients and myself.

Though, this did not stop me from asking and getting the right help, developing my skills, taking care of my health, expanding my goals and learning; the distinction now is I approach all these things differently and I certainly treat myself better!


I hold a B.A. in Psychology and I trained at the Coaches Training Institute.

What I do

I provide space for those who want to get clarity on what they want, get connected to their inner strength and serve as their accountability partner in moving forward.

My Favourite Tip

I frequently ask myself the question “What is it that I need right now?”; sometimes the answers are – I need to fix my posture, drink water, take a small walk, shut down my PC, eat, watch something funny and so on.

This question helps me get present and take care of myself better. Try it for yourself and see what shows up for you!

My Happy Corner

One of my biggest joys is writing for this blog.

I hope you find something here that helps you in some way, even if it just brightens your day a little 😊

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